§1. General provisions.

1) Prices of the products offered in the Shop Nylko are gross prices.
2) A receipt or a bill is normally attached to every purchased commodity.

3) Should the document be missing, the customer is requested to contact the Shop service.

4) The Customer shall read the up-to-date regulations before the purchase.

§ 2. Orders

1) The Customer data that is recorded in the form shall be authentic, you are also requested to add your telephone number to facilitate contact with the Customer.

2) The data gathered during registration will be used exclusively to enable the Customer to log in the Shop system.

3) The Shop Nylko reserves the right to refuse to deliver an order of the provided data is incorrect.

§ 3. Modes of payments

1) Every customer can choose the mode of payment.

2) Modes of payment:
- Prepayment to a bank account when choosing this mode of payment the Customer pays the total amount for the purchased commodity including shipping cost.
- By means of service PayPal

3) The Customer chooses the mode of payment when placing an order; in case of a payment mode change, a customer shall immediately notify the Shop service about this fact by e-mail.

§ 4. Delivery of purchased commodity

1) The basic Condition of doing shopping in the Shop Nylko relies in a proper registration on the website by the Customer.
Every purchase transaction shall be conducted upon acknowledging an order and the mode of delivery and making a payment by the Customer.

2) Only the orders placed by the agency of our Shop and by e-mail shall be delivered.

3) Any orders placed in a different way shall not be delivered.

4) The delivery time begins from the moment of entering the money in a bank account in the books by the Shop service in case of prepayment.
The Shop Nylko reserves the right to postpone or cancel a shipment if there occur special conditions preventing the delivery of an order within a deadline.

5) The time of delivery may be extended in case of a shortage of the commodity in the warehouse and the necessity of checking it  the customer shall be notified about this fact by e-mail or phone.

6) The Shop Nylko uses services provided by: a courier company or Postal Shipment,
Time of delivery
For a courier company the delivery time is normally from 3 to 7 working days  this period may extend in special cases though.
For Postal Shipment the delivery time is normally from 7 to 30 working days  this period may extend to over a dozen of working days though. All shipments sent off by us are sent as a Priority Mail Shipment.
Shipment costs for the Shop Nylko are available on the website

7) Shipment costs are provided automatically during purchasing. Shipment costs of particularly heavy items or items classified as large size ones may change despite automatic charging by the system. You are informed about it before an order approval.

8) The commodity shall not be sent to PO boxes.

9) The Shop Nylko shall not be held liable for delaying or losing a shipment as a consequence of giving incorrect data during registration or failing to collect a shipment.

10) Should the Customer fail to collect a shipment and such a shipment returns to the sender (Svamar Marzena König-Kozok ul.Maszynistow 3, 42-600 Tarnowskie Gory, Polen)  the Customer shall cover the costs of returning the shipment and costs of re-sending the shipment as a result of providing a wrong address by the Customer. The Customer will be informed about re-sending before sending. In case of resignation the Customer covers shipping costs.

11) When accepting a shipment the Buyer shall check whether it is not damaged mechanically and whether a company band is unimpaired. In case of discovering any damages, the Customer shall demand from the person who supplies a package to record written minutes concerning the damages and check whether the commodity has not been damaged.

§ 5. Guarantee.

1) The whole range of products offered in the Shop Nylko is brand new.

2) All the products are under the producers guarantee 2 years.

3) A receipt or a bill entitles to make a complaint about the purchased commodity.

§ 6. Return and replacement.

1) A consumer who has concluded a sales contract with the Online Store may withdraw from it within 14 days without giving any reason and without incurring costs except for the costs specified in Art) 33, art) 34 sec) 2 and art) 35 of the Act of May 30, 2014 on consumer rights. The Customer shall send back the commodity during 14 days from the moment of submitting a resignation. This can be done solely if the commodity has not been used or damaged in any way. 

2) Complaints can be made by the Customer by e-mail.

The seller undertakes to consider each complaint within 14 days.

3) The shipping cost of the returned commodity shall be covered by the buyer.

4) The commodity to be returned shall be sent in a postal parcel along with a receipt / a proof of purchase (ORIGINAL). The product to be returned in a form of a photocopy is unacceptable as the repayment based on a photocopy of a receipt is impossible.

5) We guarantee the repayment of full costs of an order.

6) Cash shall be paid back during 14 working days.

7) The Shop Nylko does not accept any shipments to be paid on delivery.

8) If the Customer wishes to replace a product with another one, he or she shall send an unused product with a proof of purchase (a receipt - ORIGINAL) in genuine packaging to the address of the Shop and make a payment for another shipping of the commodity.

§. 7 Final Provisions

1) Placing an order in the online Shop Nylko means accepting these Regulations.

2) Nylko reserves the right to amend the Regulations.

3) The Customer has the right to edit, alter and discontinue processing personal data by the Shop NYLKO.

4) To all matters not settled herein the provisions of the civil code shall apply.




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